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Santiago Homes: 2018 Outstanding Energy Efficient Builder

Santiago Homes: 2018 Outstanding Energy Efficient Builder
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Jose S. Vielma

Santiago Homes

Founded: 1988
Price Range: From $230’s
Areas Served: Coastal Bend Area
Construction Type: Residential and Commercial

Santiago Homes is known for building unique custom homes that express a homebuyer’s individual tastes and lifestyle. What sets this company apart is its commitment to fine craftsmanship, ensuring true quality in the construction of its homes. From the use of rebar for a superior foundation to the unquestionable energy efficiency of the finished home, Santiago Homes is focused on building a home that exceeds customers’ expectations and whose beauty and durability will outlive its mortgage. The company’s reputation has earned a loyal following of satisfied customers—often repeat customers—who value high quality energy efficient homes with tighter, more durable construction, and, as well, a builder who can understand their unique ideas and dreams and build what they want. Santiago Homes is the Coastal Bend’s first builder to certify homes in the BUILT TO SAVE™ high performance home program that gives peace of mind to homebuyers who can rest assured that their home is inspected during construction and tested upon completion by an independent third-party inspector who guarantees the company’s claims of above-code quality construction and energy efficiency.

Home by Santiago Homes

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Santiago Homes has been building cost-effective, superior quality homes in the Coastal Bend area since 1998. Over the years, our company has developed a reputation as a builder that consistently provides “one on one” personal service from concept to completion for homebuyers. This personal attention, combined with our management and staff’s keen ability to listen to and understand homebuyers’ needs, is a major reason Santiago Homes enjoys the highest ratings in customer satisfaction—without exception.

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